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ITALIAN DESIGN DAY 2021: "Quality design is sustainable" by Simona Bordone, Ambassador of Design




Design is sustainable when it respects not only resources but also the work and intelligence of those who made any product. Sustainability means quality and durability - so planned obsolescence should be abolished - but also the possibility of disposal and reuse of materials. We are still suffocating the planet and the people who live on discarded materials in the countries where we send them. We should all buy less and better by choosing products made from materials that can be decoupled and broken down so that nothing goes to waste. Responsibility for sustainability is not an individual responsibility, it is a process that only bears fruit if it belongs to the whole of society, regulated by strict rules. This is a profound cultural change, which is partly under way, and which must involve the entire product chain in all fields.

Simona Bordone, has gone through several professional worlds: writing, curating, teaching. In 1991 she founded the Bordone Gallery, which she directed until 2001. She has published, since 1998, articles and texts in art catalogues, magazines, websites. Since 2004 she is professor of History of Design at IED Milano. From2008 to 2017 she was responsible for the contents of the website; since 2018 she has been managing specialprojects for Domus. Since 2011 she has been President of the Wurmkos non-profit foundation, supporting artists with and without psychic discomfort.



Data: Lun 12 Lug 2021

Orario: Alle 17:00

Ingresso : Libero