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Theatre of the IIC


Screening of "Inferno" by Romeo Castellucci

Inferno is set up in the immense open-air stage of the Cour d’Honneur of the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, precisely the seat of Clement V, the first French pope to whom Dante refers in the Cantica. A staging that sees the disorientation of individuals and masses, and also a fragmentation of actions to express the condition of Dante lost in the dark and pushed by Virgil to enter even more into darkness. It is Hell. It is the experience of art. Terror begins to take hold of the creator of the Comedy himself, of the artist, attacked by the ghosts of poetry that bite him like dogs. Language would like to sow and fertilize the desert of meaning with meanings words, but these bounce back and return to that source that cannot deliver but itself and for itself itself. It is the hell of art.

Direction, scenography, lights and costumes: Romeo Castellucci

Original music: Scott Gibbons

Choreography: Cindy Van Acker and Romeo Castellucci

Collaboration in the scenography: Giacomo Strada

Scene sculptures, mechanisms and prosthesis: Istvan Zimmermann and Giovanna Amoroso

People: Alessandro Cafiso, Maria Luisa Cantarelli, Elia Corbara, Silvia Costa, Sara Dal Corso, Manola Maiani, Luca Nava, Gianni Plazzi, Stefano Questorio, Silvano Voltolina



Data: Dom 17 Ott 2021

Ingresso : Libero

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